Thursday, January 20, 2011


We'll be playing in the Origami Record store this Sunday at 6pm. I'm scared of heights, but still excited about playing in a loft.

Monday, January 10, 2011


"Showers Without Warning" is a tune I originally wrote for our Friday the 13th-Themed group, The Happy Campers in 3D. Then, as the batch of songs that are making up our new album came together, we realized this tune could fit just as snuggly into the Hi Ho Silver Oh family.

Alice Hardy is the heroine of the first Friday the 13th movie. She survives a big twist, and *SPOILER ALERT* cuts off Jason Voorhees' mom's head. That was supposed to be the end of that story, but since the low-budget movie did so well, the studio decided to keep it going and going. For some reason, the second movie starts with Alice living by herself in a scarily drafty apartment. She talks to her (rightfully) worried mom on the phone, and let's her know she's doing fine. Why, after watching all your exciting new summer friends get murdered with farming equipment, would you move out of your parents' house into your own place? The song supposes it was because Alice was ready to die.

Sprinkled onto every song are my own worries about life and death. Horror movies are a nice place to see those worries played out. In fact, I'm at the perfect age for a horror-movie scenario to strike me and my fun group of friends down on any given camping trip, so I guess I've got a fresh sympathy for Alice and her buds.
Check back this week to give "Showers Without Warning" a listen here. If you like it, grab a copy of the physical 7" record at a show or at the Trailer Fire store, or visit your favorite online song-dealer.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


We received the first shipment of our first 7" record one month ago. We had been getting pumped about it for a good while. We worked with Trailer Fire records on the logistics of making it real, and with our friend Roxy on the artwork and layout. Sadly, when we opened up the package of the supposedly brand new records, we found that: (1) the dust jackets ordered didn't come (2) almost every record was smudged or scratched in a similar spot. What a bummer!

Now we're back with some new, improved, and unblemished clear vinyl 7" records. They're special edition for the first 50 real-life buyers at shows and in stores, and for the first 50 internet orders. If you bought one of the few undamaged records from the first batch, we'll gladly hook you up with a clear one. Just send us an e-mail over at, and we'll make some arrangements.

Order a copy online on the Trailer Fire Records website, grab one at a show, or check out your favorite LA vinyl shop. Check back this week to stream the tracks and test 'em on your ears before you hold 'em in your hands.

More info and stories to come! Get stoked!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Our Friday the 13th themed band will be playing a show this Saturday in the back of Stories Bookstore in Echo Park.  Tommy Santee Klaws will also be playing.  This show is last of the "Spinning Yarn" series, which occupied every October Saturday this year.  It'll also be a gear-up for a Murder Ballads show at the Echoplex on October 26th!  Thanks to the New Los Angeles Folk Festival folks for putting on great stuff, and for letting us be a part.

Keep an eye peeled for new Happy Campers songs.  It is the season for things that seem vaguely scary...oooooohhhhhhhhhh

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here's a live performance of a song that'll be on our new 7"!


Hello friends!

I usually record demo versions of songs to figure out how we're going to play them.  I found a few of these tracks from last December, along with some newer tunes we'll be re-recording or never releasing.  Enjoy away!

Dave Horwitz and Charlyne Yi, from Old Lumps, helped out on "Leaves."  Thanks!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Confessor - House Show Style

"Sneaky" Pete Ohs directed this clandestine performance of "My Confessor" we debuted at a house show at our place back in April. We threw an impromptu "festival" where different artists played in various rooms in and around the house (we used the front porch too!). The culmination: Hi Ho Silver Oh and Daniel Hart doing an omnichord/acoustic performance!

Here's the sweet vid ol' Petey made for us!

Hi Ho Silver Oh "My Confessor" @ Casey's House from Pete Ohs on Vimeo.

Friday, April 23, 2010

West Coast Tour Starts Today!

Come one! Come all! Hi Ho is leaving this afternoon to embark upon our first West Coast tour. Months of planning, evenings of meticulous pie charts, x & y graphs, and corn whiskey have led to this undertaking. We are prepared. We have a minivan.

We don't know anything that is going to happen in the next two weeks, except that we are playing concerts almost every evening. That's a surefire truth.

We'll be sure to keep y'all updated through this blog thing as the days pass!



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who's that Clown?

Recognize that clown?

It's Phil! Our sweet Phil is an actor as well as a musician and overall good man. Best Coast got a day most all girls would kill for; Cats, beer, beach, In & Out- all in a clown costume in the likeness of Ronald McDonald.

Way to go buddy, we're proud of you!